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about us

On a Personal Note

EJH Futures, LLC is both a trauma-informed equity consulting agency and a Black owned company. EJHFutures, LLC is the embodiment of my hope and belief in society. The belief that a better and brighter future is possible for Elin Jackson Hill, that’s the name of my son, my first-born child. He, all the young people who have trusted me with their stories, and my own story is the reason why EJHFutures, LLC became a reality.

Elin Jackson Hill is named after the two individuals who helped mold me and built the foundation of my youthful years. My Mother and first mentor, two Black strong and awe-inspiring women. In other words, I am the product of a supportive community and I continue to strive in recreating this phenomenon. In full transparency and frankness my belief and hope are completely based in compassionate accountability, tenacious commitment, and healing our local and global communities of harm. EJHFutures, LLC and I are in it for the journey and not the sprint, I hope you are too!