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My Experience

As the founder of EJH Futures, LLC, I, Michael Hill Jr. seek to share my personal and professional experiences to empower community members, educators, practitioners and most importantly the next generation. EJHFutures work is provided through various approaches, some of which include participatory training workshops, facilitated discussions, collaborative planning/envisioning and much more. As the founder it is my goal to always strive for collaboration, sustainability, and community healing. I view this work as our work, as I may be providing a container for the learning I am also expanding as a facilitator and community member with you.

I am fortunate enough to hold an MSW from the University of Vermont and even more so as of right now I am the Substance Misuse Prevention Specialist at UVM. Prior to this role I held a variety of other roles all which were connected directly to serving youth and young adults. Although my professional settings may have varied my passion and goal has never faltered, from being an AmeriCorps member and co-leading a youth-led community beautification program to being the Student Assistant Program Counselor at Burlington High School. In these roles I sought to assist in transforming the inequitable power structures to enhance the overall opportunities of healing and collaboration.

Through another lens my various roles have endowed me with an interdisciplinary lens and a multitude of professional experience such as restorative-transformative practices, trauma-informed practices, health and wellness education and more. EJHFutures, LLC is as much a personal and professional embodiment of my experiences. From being a child of the foster care system to becoming a trained social worker with community, clinical, and educational-based understanding. As a trauma-informed equity consultant and collaborator, I am incorporating lived and learned experiences into the partnerships I make with stakeholders.

Michael Hill Jr. Michael Hill Jr.